What is stardancing?  Simply, it is a sexy dance performed by a male person dressed in skimpy underwear designed to hide only the sex organ.

It is a form of sexually suggestive performance catering mainly to gays.  However, female patrons are growing in number. 

From another point of view, stardancing is a phenomenon engendered by the speculation of the entertainment business on the steadily growing gay market.

Nowadays, gays and bold females earn much more and are more in number than the heterosexual male sector.  Thus, an entertainment businessman can earn well from producing sexy performances for this customer niche: gays and daring females.

So guys, move aside. Gays are here to stay.  They are a very potent economic  force and they must be entertained.  So let the “Stardancers” in, a documentary film by Ihman Esturco.


Chippendale dancers are a group of men who provocatively dance for a primarily female audience. They are best known as being shirtless, muscular and wearing little else but bow ties, white cuffs and tight black leather or spandex pants.
Macho Dancer is a provocative film that explores the lives of teenage male prostitutes fighting to survive in Manila's seamy red-light district.The sole surviving 35mm print of director Lino Brocka's original version, uncut and uncensored, was smuggled out of the Philippines and shown to a limited number of international film festivals. This print is now part of the permanent collection at The Museum of Modern Art in New York.
One form of entertainment catering to gays and modern females is stardancing. Discover in-depth this form of adult entertainment in “STARDANCER”
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